Vegan Drum Workshop 

Shamanic Vegan Drum Making Workshop / Ceremony

Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia   +    Other locations  by request

Creating your own Vegan Native American style drum is a truly in-depth experience that can travel with you as a sacred object that beats through your entire life. For those who have not played a drum, with an introduction breathing / beating meditation and in making it yourself you will find it will play itself.

Practically, there are options to make a 14” or 18” drum from the same synthetic material drum kits are made from, they have a great resonance, and the sound is consistent in any weather. It is likely that this is the only workshop offering 5 or 7 star woven traditionally made vegan drums.

Of course, people choose the vegan option as it's animal friendly, so rather than traditionally transmuting animal spirit to the energy of the drum the medicine is infused through the journey of making the drum. Part of this journey includes creating soul infused artwork on the clear drum skin. The workshop allows time for a simple design of your choice, or a classic texture, use of one of the available stencils or printing an existing image. The artwork can be done through certain mediums that work on the material including techniques of drawing, stencils, painting, and spray painting. If you’ve got artwork clear in your vision that’s great, if not it will be easy on the day to be guided to produce something looking awesome by just going with the flow and without any artistic skills needed. Printing is done in advance using a special heat transferal process of either something supplied or your own image, painting your own picture

I made these hoops myself with a sustainably harvested hoop pine, for a lightweight, strong drum branded with sacred geometry.

I acknowledge the Native American traditional creators of this style of drum and the indigenous people of this land. I have been through 'big journey' in being able to offer drum making to others which will assist in guiding fellow makers on a beautiful and sacred journey.

The price for a vegan drum is all inclusive at. Deposit with cash payment is available and avoids booking fees 
$350 for the 14” ($50 concession discount)

$400 for the 18”. ($50 concession discount)

Custom digital printing will require prior consultation and an additional cost of $100 (choosing an available image or with a provided image). If you’re wanting a more complex or custom artwork created for you that can’t be done on the day a consultation is advised and possible extra costs may be involved.

There is only a limited capacity for each workshop so please book or contact me with your intention to join in so I can confirm your place with a deposit.

Duration: 1 long day or 1 1/2 days.