Pyramid Making
& Sacred Geometry Workshop

Meditation pyramid Making
& Sacred Geometry Workshop

Taking small groups of either kids or adults through a ceremony of sacred geometry, the alchemy of creation, geometry-based energetics,  practical sound meditation, and creating your own custom-sized timber pyramid....

A practical workshop making and guidance in energetically working with human-sized sacred geometry, whilst you make your own timber meditation pyramid to either the Egyptian, Mayan or Nubian proportions.

Explore the Art of Crafting Meditation Pyramids and Sacred Geometry

Unlock the secrets of ancient sacred geometry and tap into its transformative power with our Meditation Pyramid Making Workshop. In this hands-on experience, you will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of human-sized sacred geometry, enabling you to craft your very own timber meditation pyramid, inspired by the mystique of Egyptian, Mayan, or Nubian proportions.

Throughout history, pyramids have held a profound sacred significance. Our workshop delves into their historical, esoteric, and mythological aspects, offering you a deep understanding of their mystical roots. Drawing from this knowledge, we guide you in harnessing the practical applications of larger geometries for meditation, yoga, movement, sleep, dance, practitioner-based offerings, and group facilitation. The goal? Empowering you to create your very own sacred space.

Under expert guidance, you'll embark on a journey of craftsmanship, measuring, cutting, drilling, binding, and constructing your collapsible timber or copper pyramid, tailored to your chosen dimensions and proportions. The finished pyramid is not only a work of art but also highly functional, designed for easy assembly and disassembly by a single person in minutes.

As an added bonus, every participant will receive a complimentary copy of Brad's "How to Make a Meditation Pyramid" ebook, a valuable resource to enhance your sacred geometry journey.

** Brad's philosophy underscores the importance of purposeful creation, and this workshop is a testament to that belief. **

Investment (material costs included):

** Secure your spot with a booking fee relative to material costs (+ processing fee through Humanitix), with the remaining amount payable in cash on the day. Please note that booking fees cover materials which need to be purchased well in advance and are nonrefundable but transferable to another workshop date. **

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of creativity, spirituality, and self-discovery through the art of sacred geometry and pyramid craftsmanship. Join us and unlock the transformative potential of these timeless symbols

There is only a limited capacity for each workshop so book in or contact me with your intention to join in so I can confirm your place with a registration fee.