How to Make a Meditation Pyramid

DIY Easy & Portable

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Many have found meditation pyramids to enhance their experience, whether it’s for meditation, sleep, practitioner work, healing or yoga sessions. They are a form of sacred geometry providing a higher and more grounded connection which naturally occurs when in a pyramid. For this reason, they have been used throughout history across many ancient cultures as a sacred place or temple. When someone makes their own pyramid in the current high energy time of awakening it helps instill the value of creation as sacred and potentises the pyramid further.

I have been making sacred geometries for over 20 years and have outlined a simple, step by step, affordable way off building a portable timber pyramid to the size you want with little or no experience and just a few tools. If you are feeling uncertain, I can suggest some online tutorials, or perhaps you have a hands-on friend and can make it together.

It’s pretty amazing to do and good fun with an awesome result.

On costing, materials will vary depending on materials and size you chose, the materials for the pyramid I made for this book were from the local hardware store and can cost under $40 AUD