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Playing in nature, creating geogeous mandalah's with found objects & a sprinkle of sacred geometry, connect with the fae. Beach & Cave trip

A homeschool adventure for younglings ages 5-13

Do you feel the need for yourself and your little people to reconnect with nature?

Putting the devices aside and embracing themselves in the beauty of Mother Nature. You, beautiful parents, are welcome to join us, or take yourself away for few hours to give back to YOU.

While your little ones, yourselves, and Pavla with Brad will go on a fun discovery journey along the foreshore and even visit a secret cave Brad spent time at during his childhood.

We’ll explore:

✨ Sacred geometry

✨ Sound play

✨ Building/ creating with gifts found in nature

✨ Evoking and working with the fairy magic and the elements

✨ Games and fun activities

Children naturally connect with nature, magic and the unseen, they're often drawn away from this as they grow, Pavla and Brad both have a passion for playing and connecting back to the natural state of where we came from.

We'll guide the young ones back into this beautiful sacred energy.

Starting with getting together in a circle, We acknowledge our country, honouring the unseen benevolent goodness in our surroundings, followed by exploring a little on seeing patterns / sacred geometry in nature.

We'll go for a walk with eyes and hearts open and collect offerings for the fairy folk along the way.

We'll gather our home brought lunches and feast in the name of goodness.

Once we get our strength from good healthy lunch, we use all the treasures collected on our adventure walk and start creating a mandala as a window to the fairy realms.

We close up with a celebration of sound play like drums and other instruments.

We’d be honoured to guide your children on this beautiful, adventurous journey of reconnecting back to Nature and their natural state of being.

Pickup and Drop off or settle in

Park at the Earimil park carpark near number 1Kunyung road , Mount Eliza. Then make you way down the beach path and we'll be just a little to the right.

What to bring

BYO lunch & water bottle, weather appropriate clothes for being outdoors on the day.

Warm weather: Sun hat and all that good stuff for sensible outdoor goodness. Being outside by the beach, we’re aiming to stay relatively dry, but definitely a change of clothes and a towel :)

Cold or wet weather: We have brad’s home nearby as a backup, but very much intend on being outside. So please bring warm clothes’ raincoats and an umbrella for a shorter venture out in the wild of the beach

A little about Pavla

Pavla is a Mother to 7 year old boy.

Her favourite thing to do together with her son is climbing the trees and reconnecting with Nature.

Working as a healing guide and practitioner of Neo Shamanic healing arts, Quantum Flow movement practice, Iridology and Sclerology, Pavla has very strong connection to Healing with gifts of Mother Nature, energy, spiritual realms and magic.

She feels the strong need for all of us to go back to basics, follow the traditions of our ancestors and the origins of where we all came from.

It’s her intention for this time together with your beautiful children to bring awareness back to respect and honouring of all living things around us and with play and fun reminding them how to clear their energy, how to ground in Nature, a skill that we all need in our everyday. (just to name a few)

Come and join us…

A little about Brad

Brad loves spending time with younglings, inspiring that natural connection with spirit that kids so naturally have, he has a background in teaching creative design based subjects at university level and inspiring a little magic in that realm. His own kids are teenagers now and are in the Steiner school system which is kinda cool.

On other fronts, Brad is an intuitive alchemist who loves to immerse himself with creating, reiki, playing with sound meditation, making and playing drums. With a design background he has a belief in creating with heart, exploring spirit centred being, offering in depth transformational practice, and passing teachings of compassion back to community.

Inner-tuition, or intuition is a guiding focus for Brad, he believes that the most important teachings are offered from within; so off-course this needs to be nurtured to encourage self-empowerment.

Academically, Brad has been immersed in the esoteric, sound and meditation for over 20 years. He has a master’s degree in design and advanced diploma with the sacred sciences foundation amongst other learnings. But more importantly, a belief that the body is a temple and that to celebrate life in a wholesome, quirky and fun way is so very important.

On Design

Brad is a designer, loving the practical side of creation in both traditional and digital manufacturing techniques. Involved in environmental sustainability and off grid living. He has a passion for a more wholistic approach in health and wellness playing with sound and helping others create.