Drums for sale 

Drums for Sale or made to order

Drums are typically made-to-order for the same price as the workshops in vegan, kangaroo, goat, or deer medicine. However, there are a few drums available from time to time. The below list may not be up to date.

14"  Goat or Kangaro  $350
14"  Deer $370
18" Goat or Kangaroo $400
18"  Deer $440
22" Deer (Goat or Kangaroo may be available) $500

Drum Bags (14" $45, 18" $50, 22" $55)

Pickup available or postage  with additional charge

Contact Brad to confirm your purchase or request a custom drum.

14" Kangaroo medicine drum
withthe words light, lite and laughter on the insdie

14" vegan medicine drum
seed of life symbol

14" Vegan Medicine drum
the first vegan drum made

14" Pakistani Goat Medicine drum
Much thinner than Australian goat

18"  Pakistani Goat Medicine  drum
Much thinner than Australian goat