Medicne drum heads 

What drum skin is right for me?
Size:14", 18", or 22"
hide: deer, goat, kangaroo or vegan 

This page a has a description of drum types, pictures and a youtube playlist at the end which goes through a series of short video's on different drum types, it also has an 8minute vid discussion about drum choice.

Animal or Vegan medicine? 

A traditional drum is made from raw hide; the choice of animal skin should be chosen based on ethical sourcing, what is available, the appearance, the sound and the animals archetypal energy. 

Animal Medicine

Typically Kangaroo medicine is native to australia, the skins i source are living wild untill shot for being a pest on a land that they have roamed long before farmers ( but that's  another story right. grrrr). Still a quick passing. Further the skins are a by product of the meat inducsty.
They are light, bouncy, free and very much Australian. The hides are thin and often partially see through in appearance with great reverberation and a higher pitch sound.

Goat hide is a more traditional medicine to the asia, eurpoe and north africa, it's one of the first domesticated animals. also think capricorn in archetype. The hides are relativiely thick, but still light with good reberation and hold a deeper sound. they can have consistent or a varied mottled appearance. The hides i source are free range and a by product of the meat industry.

Deer are native to everywhere except Australia and Antarcica. The reasonance is similar to goat, They can have plain or strong variation in appearance and colour with occasional see through parts. Deer is curently in short supply as the deer meat industry in Australia is small.

Clearing trauma / creating medicine

Through my mostley self taught initiation in working with animal medicine it's been huge to source ethical hides; also work with people in trauma clearing to transmute the energy of the animal passing into a clean aninmal medicine drum. This passes on through all the drums i make and workshops i facilitate so the maker can simply offer a blessing to the animal and transmute it into medicine.

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Vegan medicine

The only traditional natural material vegan drum's are made from is wood, they're quite big and this isn't possible for a medicine drum. I've done a lot of research and will continue to consider natural materials for a vegan drum. Experiments i've done include vegan leathers (leather has poor reasonance compared to raw hide), seaweed kelp drums with inconsistent shrinkage, lucky to get a decent size and poor resonance and growning scoby's, super brittle (a by product of kombutcha). So i've come back to what modern day drums are made from and they work perfectly with consistency in all weather.
They have a very neutral energy, which emphasises the importance of the medicine of creation in the ceremony of drum making to infuse a light, harm no-thing vegan medicine.
The skin is clear and can be painted, stenciled or drawn with certain mediums. when you book in for a vegan workshop you will receive more info on preparing for your soul infused artwork.

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The large pow wow drum and others here are made from Bio-dynamic cow medicine. amongst the first drums i made

The larger pow wow drum is made from biodynamic cow medicine

Fellow deer hide

kangaroo medicine

Goat hide medicine

The large pow wow drum and others here are made from Bio-dynamic cow medicine. amongst the first drums i made

The larger pow wow drum is made from biodynamic cow medicine

Textured goat hide medicine

A youtube playlist showing a series of 20 to 60 second videos of the sound of different animal and vegan medicine drums, includung a few one off variations. This is so you can hear what they they sound like. Best listen with earphones or good speakers