Vidafy, Changing  Lives....
Thank you for your interest in our breakthrough anti-inflammatory liquid curcumin. The following provides an overview of the revolutionary product that is changing lives.

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The company is 8 years old and is currently in pre-launch in Australia/NZ as a new market. To date we have shipped over 3 million units. The product will be available online from our Australian warehouse after launch in July. In the meantime we have advanced stock and can supply rapidly.


It is already launched in the USA and Europe, so Australia is a very early adopter. It was developed in Germany, and we hold 3 patents on the technology.

Overview of the product and technology BioMS Technology (3 mins)

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Then use the search function for relevant testimonials. Example. When joined, go to the search icon at the top of the group's page in the app and search say 'arthritis' to see the experience others have shared with a similar health challenge.

Comparison of solubility - standard v BioMS Technology (0:35s) 

Brochure with basic info

Pre-launch Purchasing / Shop

The warehouse in Australia is not far away, so for now purchasing is done by contacting brad directly, picking any bottles up if local, or postage.

Nanofy $80 per bottle.
Curcuma plus $90 per bottle  
Postage:  $11.50 regular, or $14.75 express, 3 bottles express postage at no cost,
Or local pickup from Mount Eliza, or CBD working hrs on Tuesdays & Thursdays

For the difference between products, you'll see in the brochure, the Nanofy is simpler, and the Curcuma plus has some other supplements that work well, generally for a better result. Not everyone says this, but i've noticed the Nanofy can work better for those who with server allergies.

People often find it makes a difference quickly, however, for recommended usage and giving it a good chance of making a real difference and for full effect, it's suggested to try it for at least 3 months.  For general use that works out to about 1 bottle a month, twice that for acute/chronic conditions. So especially for those with more severe matters, it's worth considering a wholesale starter kit. 

Wholesale kit packages - AU
The wholesale kits are a great way to bring the cost down, with options from a home pack (starting with about 9 bottles for the price of 6) to a business builder pack. *The wholesale packs provide an opportunity to earn money from recommending the product to others 

Technical overview (34mins)

For those who want to find more, the following video is a very informative interview (34mins). The interesting bit starts at 5mins in with auto-immune specialist Dr Jeremy Thornton discussing the BioMS technology. At 13 mins, the video shows a really good explanation of how the body works in processing supplements.

And if you want to check out some video testimonials, here;s a great youtube playlist. Scroll through and check it out.