Weaving & crystals 

14" 5-pointed star & 3 sizes of drums

 round palm stone crystal weave for 14" drum

Weaving & Crystals to personalise your drum


Everyone has their unique way of doing things, this can be reflected in the way a drum is made, people who birth drums with me are encouraged to weave them in a way that has to meaning to them.  there is often a consistent start of:
5-pointed star for a 14" drum
7-pointed star for a 18" drum
6 or 5 pointed star for a 22" drum
but there is so much more, best check out a few pics  for some inspiration

Crystals,  rocks, shells, or other things of meaning

Some have a favorite object that is sacred to them which they want to include in their drum, a few more pics of how this manifests...

book in to make a drum now..... 

18" 7-pointed star

moon crystal binding

heart crystal binding for 18" drum

22" 6-pointed star binding

shell and pine cone weave

22" 6-pointed star binding

WIP binding

18" 10-pointed star binding

friction fitting a crystal into a 5-pointed star