Esoteric Meditation Pyramids & Geometry

Esoteric Meditation Pyramids and other sacred geometry

Copper, silver, gold, quartz crystal........

Specialist, high energy meditation pyramids and sacred geomtry. Created with alchemical correspondences and in ceremony available in 2m, 3m or custom sizes

Also see sacred geometry custom made

These are designed and constructed as sacred artefacts, they are time consuming, with expensive materials and prices are reflective.
* Prices are an indication only please contact brad for an actual price

2m Timber pyramid

or make it yourself in a workshop for the same price

how to make Ebook also available

2m copper, silver gold and quartz crystal pyramid


3m copper, silver, gold and quartz crystal pyramid


1.8m merkabah /

copper, silver, gold, quartz crystal, sustainable hoop pine and vic ash


4m to 6m V1
icsa- dodeca earth grid sacred geometry dome
timber or steel frame, (with optional full tent for workshop or glamping space)

$2000 to $8000AUD*

earth grid sacred geo dome

custom made live-in large studio sacred geometry. This is based on sacred geometry (a different structure to a geodesic dome) it's a v2 earth grid icosa-dodecahedron dome. based on the interesections of all the sacred sites around the earth. also known as the becker-hagen's grid

Request specific size for pricing*

6m earth grid sacred geo dome greenhouse

Eco LOSP pine, double insulated polyweave fabric, copper tape