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Medicine Drum Making Workshop / Ceremony

Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia   +    Other locations
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Creating your own medicine drum is a truly in-depth experience that can travel with you as a sacred object that beats through your entire life. For those who have not played a medicine drum, with an introduction to breathing / beating meditation, and in making it yourself you will find it will play itself.

 Practically, there are options to make a 14”, 18” or 22"drum from either goat, kangaroo, buffalo or deer hide. Please see the details for the new vegan drum as a separate workshop if interested.

I either make the hoops myself with sustainably harvested hoop pine or get them made by a traditional manufacturer using a single piece of sustainable freshly cut timber. Both types of hoops provide a lightweight strong drum and you get to brand them with sacred geometry.

I acknowledge the Native American and other traditional creators of this style of drum and the indigenous people of this land. I have been through big journey in being able to offer drum-making to others which will assist in guiding fellow makers on a beautiful and sacred journey.

The price is all-inclusive including beater and drum at

18"     $400    Goat, Kangaro or Water Buffalo ($350 concession)

14"     $350     Goat, Kangaro or Water Buffalo ($300 concession)

22"     $500 Deer, Goat, Kangaro or Water Buffalo 

18"     $440    Deer ($390 concession)
14"     $370   Deer ($320 concession)  

*For all orders preferably, make a $50 booking fee online and pay the remainder on the day in cash

To assist with size, hide choice and more info including drum photos, and videos check out the medicine drum head page.

For more info on how you can customize your drum, which for some is part of making it uniquely yours, check out the weaving & crystals page

There is only a limited capacity for each workshop, so please book directly through humanitix or contact me with your intention to join in so I can confirm your place with a deposit and ensure materials are ordered and prepared in time. Booking fees are non-refundable but transferable to the next available workshop for a valid reason.