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Why create drums with brad!

Plenty of people run drum-making workshops & each of us has our own story, brad's is unique and spirit-based, and his extensive experience in teaching has enabled him to help guide hundreds of people in making drums whilst being interlaced with ceremony for a profound and memorable experience. The drums made are ethical, lightweight, super high-quality drums that have beautiful aesthetics, with opportunity for creative personalization and an incredible sound. 

Due to his background with spirit, a profession in industrial design, and his experience, the specific approach and materials of the drum, they likely have the best ability to stay in tune in the world relative to humidity changes, so when other drums sound like cardboard with a sudden cold change in weather brad's rarely do.

And with all that, he offers workshops at an affordable price whilst using high-quality materials.

Host your own workshop for a free drum!

Would you like me to come to your community and guide you through a medicine drum-making workshop?

I'm Melbourne-based and run workshops from my home in  Mount Eliza, I injoy traveling and sharing spirit-centered goodness through creating so I'm calling out for people who'd like to make drums. This can be inside with a reasonable amount of space, or out in nature. If I get 10 people the host gets a free 18" goat or Kangaroo drum, or we can find a financial incentive, or both. So don't hesitate to drop me a message and feel into something amazing together.

My social media reach

Most of my followers are Melbourne / Victoria based,  I live on the Mornington Peninsula 1hr Southeast of Melbourne, and run drum-making workshops every 2 months from home. People often travel 2 hours to come along to my workshops. So anywhere within that distance, I would run 1 month separate from my own workshop.
So for area's in Victoria, and to an extent, along the East Coast, I have some social media reach and will likely be able to bring a few extra people together. When running a workshop in a new area, i'll often join a few local community FB groups and share, but much further reach is achieved from a local sharing

The host's ability to bring people together

Idealy I'm looking for the host to have their own community group or reach and be able to bring people together. A good example i've had of this is a person who came to one of my workshops owns a shop in a different area, she loved her drum and asked me to book a weekend out, a few weeks later 2 workshops over 2 days in a hall were near booked out. 

For the host, this is a great bonding experience bringing participants together for a workshop birthing drums together and an opportunity for to continue with regular drum circles afterwards. 

Venue requirements

The venue can be in a hall, a yoga studio, a neat room in a house, or outside in a beautiful place. I prefer to use tables for at least part of it due to it being easier to thread the drums from a little higher up (I have portable tables myself). The venue also needs to be clean and feel good. We are creating with spirit and need to respect that in a nice venue.
I include all the elements within the day, the biggest notable ones to account for in the venue are the water and fire ceremony,
Water ceremony is done to soak the hides and make them malleable, it's divine in a local creek, dam, or river (bracken water is fine), and I also have a portable kids' pool and blow-up pool if that isn't available which is nice too. Or a nice bathtub. I often can bring a pyramid for this, which brings in even more of the sacred geometry goodness I work with nicely.
Fire ceremony involves branding or making our mark on the hoop with brass sacred geometry brands I've made myself or you burning your own pyrography, it's part of making it our own. If possible a fireplace or open outdoor fire is great for this, If not viable for the venue or if it's a total fire ban, branding is restricted to a gas camp stovetop or stovetop. Ultimately branding isn't a necessary element either, but it's a nice way to make your mark 


I can offer the workshop in 1 day and need a minimum of 5 people, but prefer 10 or up to 15 in a bigger space. I have traveled and run bigger groups over 2 separate days.

When, where & a place for me to sleep

I prefer to organize a workshop at least 2 months in advance to ensure people have enough time to book and so i can prepare materials in good time. For something further than Victoria I would usually plan a road trip in the self-contained van with a few venues and plan to visit existing and new friends on the journey (I'm open for some couch surfing along the way). Occasionally I bring my teenage daughter with me which does require a little more space.
Alternatively, for a shorter adventure,  I could take a plane trip too. I haven't done this yet, but would look to the host or community to support me with transport and a place to sleep. So let's start a conversation and create together.


I'm happy to feel into a collaboration with the host for drum making with your community. I have extensive teaching skills to a diverse range of people, big integrity, honour spirit, and hold space extremely well with over 30 years of practical experience.  As it is, a day of drum-making is full of creative making and ceremony. Throughout the day i dynamically include specifics to your group's energy and gladly accept any insights a host or the group contributes. For the host, if you want to have an active collaboration we can discuss how to bring it into the day or look to expand the time over 2 days into a retreat. So let's have a chat about how to create together....


I do what I do because I love it, and my workshops are done respectfully to an affordable budget with a concession option. The materials for drums are ethical, high quality, and expensive. I don't make a huge margin as it can take near a full day to prepare for each drum. However,  for hosting a workshop i factor in a free 18" drum with buffalo, goat or kangaroo hide ($400 value) for the host with 10 bookings. If there are less people booked i can only offer less, or for travel of a much greater distance with only one workshop this could also be a factor to consider in adding an additional fee.
For the host,  in the past, we have added an additional fee to cover hall hire and other expenses, if not interested in an 18" drum to the retail value of $400 I can offer a reduced amount of $200 in payment for 10 people booked and of any additional fee's.

Sound mediation/drum circle

I also offer sound meditation and drum circles, I can certainly do this independently or in collaboration, this can be a great way to finish an absolutely epic day of creating together at the end of the day if there is a calling. Although new drums need 2 days to settle into their new form before they can be played. So I have ones I can bring if needed. This takes more of my time on an already massive day, depending on the circumstances this may or may not require a small additional fee.

Other workshops

I also run a pyramid making & sacred geometry workshop and a crafting with spirit workshop. Feel free to check them out

contact brad now to plan a drum making workshop.....

water ceremony soaking hides 

water ceremony along a river

water ceremony along a creek

fire ceremony w geometry

completion of water ceremony 

Earth element offerings 

weaving drums in a hall

weaving in natural environment

weaving in a home

hides reforming in nature

more weaving

finished drums